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Desires of a Perfect Lady - Victoria Alexander I enjoyed this second entry in the Harrington brothers series, looking forward to number three. This time, the eldest brother, the Earl of Wyldewood, has his second chance at romance. His partner is a former almost fiancee who married another man under duress, unbeknownst to the earl.

The best part is the Victorian treasure quest. Olivia, in order to claim her inheritance from her late unlamented husband, must complete three collections. She is forced to ask for help from Sterling, the Earl of Wyldewood, in order to complete her quest. After traveling to Egypt and Venice and then returning to England, they manage despite many obstacles to claim Olivia's inheritance and then, well, happily ever after.

I loved the depiction of Venice and Egypt. Only one brother is now unmarried, Quint, the rascal of the family. The epilogue mentions two partners, somehow connected with the Antiquities Society, and refers to their search for Ambropia, thereby connecting the trilogy together.